Yeast Hotcakes

Yeast Hotcakes

I have been away for the better part of a week and I want to make it up to everyone.  So here is a special recipe from my private collection.  That is right I have a private stash of recipes that I am saving for special occasions like this.  

These hotcakes (don’t call them pancakes) are a throw back recipe that harkens back to the earliest days of hotcake making.  If you had a hotcake prior to 1843, this is the way it would have been prepared*.  Baking powder was not developed until 1843, and while it has been a boon to quick breads like biscuits it has hurt some foods like hotcakes.  Baking powder will make a light and fluffy hotcake but baking powder does not bring anything to the party as far as flavor is concerned (unless you use the cheap stuff).  

I think you will be surprised at the wonderful rich flavor of these hotcakes.  It is something on the order of a crumpet or an english muffin.  You might even find that you don’t even need syrup on these little golden griddle delicacies.   You might just top them with a little sweet cream butter and a light dusting of powdered sugar.  Don’t worry, fresh maple syrup plays well with the yeasty goodness as well.  Fresh strawberries or blueberries are also at home with this cousin to the crumpet.

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